The Best Bikes on The Market for New Riders

The Best Bikes on The Market for New Riders

Despite their simple design, motorcycles were created after the car as a cheaper alternative for those wanting basic transportation.

The idea stuck, and today bikes are regarded as the very cheapest form of transport available for people needing to get from A to B. But not all bikes are created equal, and some prefer their rider have some years of experience under their belt before taking them for a spin.

Other bikes, however, are designed to be easy to ride for all skill levels, even if you have extremely limited experience on a two-wheeler. For beginner riders, it can be difficult to choose the perfect first bike, but choosing one of these five is a good place to start.

  1. Suzuki DR 200

This 199c, 4-stroke, air-cooled Suzuki is the all new redesigned DR200, and the latest in the DR family, which has become renown for its versatility and its reliability.

You need to know that the styling of the bike takes inspiration from their RM-Z range of two-wheelers, while the seat provides a more comfortable ride than its older iteration. But thanks to its 5-speed transmission and 199c motor, the DR 200 is no slowpoke on the road.

  1. Yamaha SR400

The Yamaha SR400 is Yamaha’s answer to riders begging for a two-wheeler that boasts good performance wrapped in a vintage look.

It’s 399c, single cylinder 4 stroke SR400 is about as reliable as they come, and its electronically fuel-injection system is the best that the company has to offer, meaning that it’s extremely easy to start, which is a problem that many new riders have difficulty with.

  1. Honda CBR 500 

The CBR 500 is one of Honda’s newest releases, but quickly became a favourite among those wanting a more mature bike. Its parallel-twin, 4 stroke provides plenty of going power, which is amplified by the small weight of the bike.


  1. Kawasaki KLX250S

The KLR range of Kawasaki are legendary in the biking world, with buyers often becoming lifelong owners. But the KLR has a small sibling in the form of the kLX250S.

This is the bike to choose for new riders wanting something to take outdoors and on rough terrain. It’s both legal both on and off the road, and its 249cc, liquid cooled 4-stroke provides smooth acceleration that has few equals when it comes time to take the bike out on an aggressive off-road adventure.

  1. Suzuki GW250 

Weight distribution and leaning are two aspects of riding that often throw new riders off, and it can take some time to learn exactly how a bike’s weight distribution works.

But the GW250 is the ultimate lesson thanks to its manageable mass and extra low seat height, plus it won’t cost you a fortune either. It’s an agile bike with plenty of gears available that makes riding it a constant learning opportunity for new bikers.

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