Learn the Standards for Chocolates

Learn the Standards for Chocolates

Are you aware that the cocoa in your favorite Coco-Puffs can contains only 60 calories per serving? That’s less than a cup of cola. Are you aware that the only “chocolate” beverage approved by the FDA is Coke? If you are not aware of the facts, and that it is in fact the other way around, let me inform you that the beverage which is responsible for your weight gain is nothing more than a high fructose corn syrup with a flavoring agent added to it.

Why is this important to you? If there were truly safe, healthy alternatives such as Dark Chocolate and unsweetened Tea-A-Riesling that allowed you to shed off those unwanted pounds, then wouldn’t you have been doing something about it anyway? You may be wondering how a product like Coke gets approved by the FDA to use the “chocolate” term in their beverages. It’s all a matter of standardization. In order to set up the necessary standards for chocolate and other food items, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to require that certain standards be in place to insure that the products are safe for consumption.

In essence, the government requires that all food manufacturers follow uniform safety standards for chocolates, all other food items, and even vitamins and medications. Why would you want to use a beverage which may not have these standards for you? You wouldn’t and that’s why when it comes to the standards for chocolates, Coke can put its slant on the “bad guys” and Pepsi can do the same with a simple rinse. Think on this.

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